In the Arc Spray process, the raw material in the form of a pair of metallic wires is melted by means of an electric arc. The molten material is atomised by compressed air and propelled towards the workpiece.

The molten spray solidifies on the component surface to form a dense, strongly adherent coating suitable for Corrosion Protection or Component Reclamation. Sprayed coatings may also be used to provide Wear Resistance, Electrical and Thermal Conductivity or Free Standing Shapes.

Major advantages of the Arc Spray Process are that the coatings are available for almost instant use with no drying or curing times and there is no risk of damaging the component. In addition, the deposits possess a higher degree of bond strength then most other thermally sprayed deposits and the use of compressed air and electricity alone mean more economic coatings.

Metal Spray Suppliers (NZ) Ltd can provide a range of specialised Arc Spray products:

Arcspray 140/S250 System
Arcspray 140/S350 System
Arcspray 140GP
Arcspray 140E
Arcspray 170 System
Arcspay 340 System
Arcspray 528E System
Arcspray 701 System
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