Arcspray 140/S250 System

The new Arc140/S250 System is a unique blend of ability and innovation. Metallisation have taken thier proven performer, the Arc140 pistol and drive system, and coupled it to a brand new 250 amp, switched voltage energiser. The S250 features sealed electronics for excellent reliability in the harshest of spray environments. The design also allows for multiple customer-specific packaging options for the wire drive and dispenser. In one option, for example, the unit is neatly mounted on the energiser, leaving it free to swivel and follow the operator when spraying. Other options include floor or trolley mounting. There is no motor in the pistol. Instead, the Arc 140/S250 uses the patented ‘Synchrodrive’ system, where a single, sealed motor and flexible drive arrangement, powers a reliable, positive drive push/pull up to a length of 20m. This results in a long reach and lightweight flexibility of the pistol and supplies – and more comfortable and productive working conditions for the operator.

General Benefits:
Push Pull system for a more stable arc ensuring quality coatings with consistent operation.
Patented Flexible Drive system (Synchronised).
5 to 20 Meter supplies packages from the wire to the pistol for spraying accessibility.
Air-cooled cables reduce pistol supply weight and operator fatigue.
Good pistol manoeuvrability.
Lightweight and good balance for ease of handling.
Suitable for Anti-corrosion and engineering wires, steels, copper and bronzes.
NEW sealed/lubed for life inverter motor.
Uses 1.6mm to 2.5mm wire sizes without changing feed rollers.
Easy to maintain, less than 3 minutes to change contact tubes and nozzles. Contact tubes and nozzles do not require adjustment.
Low running costs as compared with gas systems.
Variable wire speed control for accurate spray settings.
Soft start for smooth start ups reducing electrical loading on components.
Various packaging options including drive unit mounted on the energiser, floor/wall mounted and two versions of trolley.
Steel reinforced conduits for extended service life.
Safety interlocks.
Choice of coating textures.


Typical Applications:
Structural steelwork
Offshore/oil & gas
Bridges (concrete and steel)
Vessels and enclosures
Wind turbine towers
Engineering bond coats
Wear coatings
Bearing and seal surfaces

New S250 sealed energiser = reliability
Anti-corrosion and engineering coatings
Uses wires from 1.6mm to 2.5mm
Easy to maintain = lower downtime
Air cooled cables = lightweight
5m pull option available for small workshops
Excellent pistol manoeuvrability
MIG, coil and drum dispense
5, 10 and 20m supplies packages
Choice of coating textures
Steel reinforced, PTFE lined conduits
Soft start for smooth start ups
Click here for more information about the Arc 140 Pistol.
Click here for more information about the new S250 Energiser.
Typical Performance Data




kgs/hr @


Zinc 02E 2.0mm
26.0 0.82
Aluminium & Alloys 01E/17E/25E 2.0mm
6 2.88
021E 2.0mm
22 1.00
Copper 05E 1.6mm 12.5 0.91
Steels 30E, 35E 45E, 55E 57E, 60E, 65E, 80E, 84E 1.6mm 11.3 1.02
Nickel Aluminium 75E 1.6mm 13.6 1.09
Aluminium Bronze 10E 1.6mm 11.3 1.37
Phosphor Bronze 15E 1.6mm 15.8 0.91
Monel 70E, 71E 1.6mm 14.3 1.02
FeCrB 103T 1.6mm 7.2 (@180A) 1.18
Preferred diameter shown in bold. Other engineering materials can be sprayed.

Click here for information on the Arcspray 140/S250 System. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

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