Arcspray 140 Pistol

The Arcspray 140 Pistol has been designed to give consistent throughputs with high coating quality. It is a lightweight, heavy-duty unit with robust but compact construction.

Technical overview:
• Designed and used in practice for anti-corrosion and engineering coatings.
• Standard 1.6, 2.0 and 2.3mm wire size, 2.5mm available
• No requirement to change feed rollers when changing wire sizes.
• Quality coating.
• CG (constant geometry head) ensuring smooth feed, repeatable wire alignment and no adjustment of contact tubes / nozzle arrangement required.
• The Wire Drive Unit utilises intermeshed steel wormshaft and bronze wormwheels, being driven by a lightweight, flexible drive.
• Lightweight air-cooled conductor cables are fitted; which reduces the operator supported weight and further improves the overall balance of the Pistol.
• Closed arc for improved spray conditions and efficiency.
• Arc140F pistol includes flywheel for better stability at low spray rates with engineering wires

Technical Data.
Maximum Current 350 Amps
Weight 2.3 Kgs
Weight – at a held height of 1.2 M 4.5 Kgs – inc Cables and Hoses
Width 102mm
Length 457mm
Height 229mm
Part No: Description:
ARC140F-EV16 Arc140 Pistol for 1.6mm pull (Engineering)
ARC140F-CG16 Arc140 Pistol for 1.6mm push/pull (Engineering)
ARC140-CG16 Arc140 Pistol for 1.6mm wires (all wires)
ARC140-CG20 Arc140 Pistol for 2.0mm wires (all wires)
ARC140-CG23 Arc140 Pistol for 2.3mm wires (all wires)
Typical Performance Data




kgs/hr @ 350amps

Zinc 02E 2.0mm
Aluminium & Alloys 01E/17E/25E 2.0mm
Zinc/Aluminium 85/15 021E 2.0mm
Copper 05E 1.6mm 17.5
Steels 30E, 35E 45E, 55E 57E, 60E 65E, 80E 84E 1.6mm 15.8
Nickel Aluminium 75E 1.6mm 19.0
Throughput is assumed to be independent of wire diameter: preferred diameter shown bold.
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