Arcspray 528E

The Arc528E offers the ultimate in reliability and precision for demanding production applications, including anti-corrosion and engineering coatings. Wire drive is supplied at the heavy-duty pistol by a highly accurate, powerful DC servo motor, through a robust gearbox and drive roller system. The highperformance pistol incorporates proven Metallisation technology, including a unique, constant geometry (CG) head. This ensures smooth and consistent spray quality and minimal downtime when changing consumable spares. Supreme flexibility is also a keynote of the Arc528E. The pistol connects to the complete range of Metallisation energisers, with the drive unit controller either built in as standard, or externally mounted if required. In addition, the system can easily be integrated into other production equipment such as tube mills and robots, with the spray rate linked to production speed, to ensure perfect coating at all times.


Robust design = greater reliability
Uses wires from 1.6mm to 3.17mm without changing feed rollers
Integrates to production machinery
Safety interlocks
Anti-corrosion and engineering wires
Easy to maintain = lower downtime
Choice of coating textures
250, 300 and 450A energisers with inbuilt or external controllers
Wire dispense from reels, coils or drums
Typical Applications:
ERW tube weld seam repair
LPG cylinder spraying
Capacitor spraying
Multivoid aluminium tube spraying for aircon heat exchangers
Paper mill rolls
Railway tracks
Subsea riser pipes
Pantograph brushes
Steel vessels
Non-stick cookware
Steel reinforcing bars
Typical Performance Data



Wire Diameter



Zinc For tube mills 1.6mm 20.5 (200A max ) 0.82
02E 2.0mm 26.0 (46.5)
Aluminium & Alloys 01E/17E/25E 1.6mm 6.0 (11) 2.88
21E 2.0mm 22.0 (40) 1.00
Copper 05E 1.6mm 12.5 0.91
Steels 30E, 35E 45E, 55E 57E, 60E 65E, 80E 84E 1.6mm 11.4 1.02
Nickel Aluminium - 1.6mm 13.6 0.91

   Throughput based on 250amp spraying current (450amp spray rates in brackets)

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