Arcspray Equipment Ancillaries

Arc Beam:
The Metallisation Arc Beam comprises an annular system of air jets which constrict the spray from arcspray pistols much reducing the spray footprint on the workpiece. Because of the strong collimation of the spray stream the pattern stays under control over a greater range. The effect is to significantly improve the deposit efficiency especially when spraying onto small workpieces. This can be a real saving considering the number of repair jobs on shafts smaller than 50mm diameter such as electric motor shafts and bearing fits.

The effect is also useful when spraying recesses or moulds allowing access into fine detail without causing undue build up on surrounding features. ArcBeam can also have beneficial effects on the coating properties as the coatings are finer with less apparent porosity and improved hardness in some cases.

* Better Deposit Efficiency
* Better Access
* Enhanced Coating Properties

General material throughput and other system properties are unaffected and are as shown for the equipment to which the ArcBeam is fitted.

Portable Wire Dispenser:

Wire Dispenser For dispensing materials wound on plastic spools. Will accept 300mm ID spools or M.I.G. type reels. This dispenser can be integrated with any of the Energizers or can easily be used as a seperate unit. The wirte rentention system enables quick change of the spraying wires whilst the fully adjustable braking system revents wire over-run. A carrying handle is provided which permits the unit to be easily moved.

Two Tier Wire Stand:
When raw materials are only available in coil form, the Two Tier Stand permits Arcspray operations with enhanced mobility and ease of loading.

Wire Dispensing Cones:

For production use, zinc wire is available in 250Kg drums. These cones enable this material to be Arcsprayed.

Extension Nozzles:

Where deep bores or recesses are to be sprayed a range of extension nozzles is available. These allow access of the spray at depths up to 1.1M, whilst straight or deflector systems can be selected to direct the spray stream to the area required.

Other Arcspray Equipment:

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Arcspray 140/S350 System
Arcspray 140GP
Arcspray 140E
Arcspray 170 System
Arcspay 340 System
Arcspray 528E System
Arcspray 701 System
Equipment Ancillaries


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