Energisers - S250

The S250 Energiser has been specifically designed for those users who are likely to spray a varying range of materials without the need for high throughputs. Ideally suited for the General Engineering Workshop and Mould making industries.

Technical overview:
• Specifically designed to suit only Arcspraying.
• Clear displays and large controls give ease of operation.
• Rigid construction & castor mounted offers workshop portability.
• Simple design for ease of maintenance
• Inbuilt inverter motor for wire feed

  Energiser Specification:  
  Power Requirements 380/440V 50-60Hz 3 Phase
  Power Option 220/380/440V 50-60Hz 3 Phase
  Fusing Required 20A/Phase (415V input)
  Max Power Consumption 11.8 KWH
  Duty 0-250 Amps @ 100% Duty Cycle
  Output Voltage 0-45Vdc (nominal) Switched High/ Low & 1 - 5
  Air Requirements 1.27m3 /min @ 5.5bar (45cfm @ 80psi)
  Weight 210 Kgs
  Width 560mm
  Length 1015mm
  Height 1000mm

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