Liquid fuel and oxygen are fed via a pre-mixing system and at high pressure into a combustion chamber where they burn to produce a hot, high pressure gas stream.

This is expanded through a laval type nozzle increasing the gas velocity to around 1,500 m/sec and the pressure to slightly above atmospheric. At this stage the powder can easily be injected into the gas stream. This gas stream heats and accelerates the powder particles within the confines of the secondary nozzles so that they impact with tremendous energy upon the substrate material. HVOF systems do not melt powders but only soften them. Because less heat is imparted to the particles and dwell times are very short, oxidation and decomposition are minimal in HVOF coatings.

Thick Low Stress Coatings
High Hardness
Low Oxide Levels
High Throughput
Simple Operation
Excellent Carbide Retention
Low Running Costs
High Bond Strength
Very Low Porosity
High Performance Quality Coatings

Metal Spray Suppliers (NZ) Ltd provides three specialised HVOF products:

MetJet 4L
MetJet 4G


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