The MachJet™ is a new generation High Velocity Combustion Powder Spray System
, which provides supersonic spray velocities, combined with improved heating and melting of the powder particles. The high velocity technique offers great advantages where near porosity-free high quality coatings at the most economical cost are required. This is a low cost affordable HVOF System, which produces premium quality coatings combined with ease of use.

MachJet™ coatings are similar to or comparable to other High Velocity Spraying Process in terms of:
• Lower Porosity
• High Hardness
• High Bond Strength
• Excellent Wear Resistance
• Good Surface Finish - as sprayed
• Thick Coatings (if required)
• Fine Finishing Capability

Operating Principles.
The powder is fed through the gun into a fuel gas and oxygen flame. A stream of compressed air restricts the flame and blasts the molten powder, producing a fine spray and obtaining high or supersonic particle velocity. Shock diamonds characteristic of a supersonic flame are visible in the flame. The compressed air also does the job of cooling the nozzle air cap assembly.

The MachJet™ spray gun
has been designed and built to be one of the worlds best hand guns for producing supersonic spray velocities in flame sprayed coatings with powders. The standard gun is set up to spray HVOF Grade Powders using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane, Propylene or Natural Gas as the fuel gas. Suitable hardware is available for LVOF spraying using D.A. as fuel gas.





The Control Panel.

The MachJet™ Control Panel is the heart of the MachJet™ HVOF Powder Spray System. It is a precision instrument used for regulating and measuring the flow of oxygen, fuel gas and air to the gun. Connected between the gas supply and the gun, it is the reliable indicator of gas flow and an aid to highest coating quality. The panel provides three pressure gauges: oxygen, fuel gas (LPG/Propane) and Air (which has 0-10 Kg/cm2). The pressure can be preset through the gas regulators and air regulator fitted on the gas cylinders and air control unit respectively. The control panel also consists of three flowmeters one each for oxygen, fuel gas and air to measure the flow of these gases in SLPM. The flow can be adjusted with the help of needle valves provided. Input power supply to the Control Panel is 220 V / 1 P / 50 Hz.
  Safety Features:
There is an interlock between the air flow and fuel gases which can be preset by a pressure switch located on the top side of the panel. This interlock prevents ignition to the gun if the required air pressure is not provided, avoiding backfire and preventing damage to the gun.
There are two flash back arrestors - one each at the outlet of oxygen and fuel gases at the bottom of the control panel. The flash back arrestor at the oxygen outlet will shut off the oxygen supply if the fuel pressure is higher than the oxygen, to prevent backfiring. The flash back arrestor provided at the fuel gas outlet prevents any flame from entering the control panel.

The MachJet™ System also consists of specialised ancillaries such as a dedicated Powder Feeder, matched Hose Kit and gas and air control units.

Other HVOF Equipment:

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