MetJet 4G

The NEW MetJet 4G is a gas-fuelled HVOF system with mass flow control, that offers the ability to produce the highest quality, cost-effective coatings anywhere in the world. Being propane-fuelled, the MetJet 4G is clean and easy to use, producing consistent, superior coatings worldwide. Being propane fuelled means that you no longer have to adjust parameters to suit the quality of kerosene in your part of the world. The running costs are cheaper than hydrogen too. It also maintains the high particle speed and low temperature achieved with traditional kerosene/hydrogen fuelled systems that results in a very dense, unstressed coating that can be applied in thicker layers than traditional gas-fuelled systems. Throughput is the same as a kerosene/hydrogen system, which is greater than traditional gas. The system is PC controlled with distributed I/O, for extreme reliability, and the powder feeder also has mass flow controlled carrier gas and closed loop motor control, for reliability and repeatability of powder feed rates. The system comprises a touch screen HMI (with optional keyboard), mass flow control gas box, powder feeder and compact pistol. A small chiller is required to cool the system during operation.

Propane gas-fuelled
High-speed, low-temperature
High density, unstressed coating
Thicker layers than traditional gas-fuelled systems
Superior quality coating and greater powder throughput
Optional Methane, CNG, Propylene fuels
Mass-flow and PC controlled for high reliability
Cleaner to use
Safer to operate, more affordable to run
Worldwide use - more convenient

Typical Applications:
Hard-chrome plating alternative
CGL mill rolls
Oil/Gas valves
Paper rolls
Hydraulic rams
Suspension components
Landing gear
Hydroelectric turbines
Automotive valves
Wire drawing blocks


Click here for more information on theMetJet 4G System (540Kb). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

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