MetJet 4L

The MetJet 4L is the latest development to Metallisations' kerosene fuelled HVOF system. All of the great features of the MetJet 3 have been retained: the system is still mass flow controlled for repeatable coating quality and the start-up remains clean and smooth as it is hydrogen fuelled. The system produces the densest metallic and carbide coatings of all. The coatings can be compressively stressed, allowing thick layers to be applied without fear of spalling. The latest developments are to the pistol, powder feeder and operator interface. The pistol combustion chamber has been modified to achieve cleaner burning and the nozzle arrangement simplified. The powder feeder has mass flow controlled carrier gas and closed loop motor control for reliability and repeatability of powder feed rates. The operator interface is still simple to follow but is now via touch screen rather than pushbuttons. The result is a high quality, compact and easy to use HVOF system.

Mass flow control = repeatability
Easy to use operator interface
Liquid fuel = thick, low stressed coatings
Hydrogen start-up = clean operation
High hardness, low oxide level coatings
PC control with touch screen
Optional keyboard control
Unlimited recipes and parameter recording
Low running costs compared to hydrogen fuel
High bond strength and low porosity coatings

Typical Applications:
Hard-chrome plating alternative
CGL mill rolls
Oil/Gas valves
Paper rolls
Hydraulic rams
Suspension components
Landing gear
Hydroelectric turbines
Automotive valves
Wire drawing blocks


Typical Performance Data



Throughput Grams/min

Deposit Efficiency %

WC Co Cr (86/10/4) 99745 70 49
WC Co (83/17) 99735 70 45
WC Co (88/12) 99725 70 45
Ni Cr B Si 99325 70 48
Inconel 625 99405 70 47
Copper 99407 70 63
Chrome Carbide 99785 70 50
Stellite™ 6 - 70 44

   All figures are approximate.

Click here for more information on theMetJet 4L System (540Kb). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

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