Metallising was introduced to New Zealand in 1952 when George Hick, the senior foreman at Mason Mesco Engineering, demonstrated the process to potential customers with an oxygen/acetylene wire pistol designed to spray a ferrous or non-ferrous coating for reclamation work.

Since then, the New Zealand thermal spray industry has kept pace with world developments - in part because of our isolation from the rest of the world. This isolation has helped us develop more creative ways of thinking, not only in our Americas Cup designs, but also in our approach to technologies such as thermal spray. On a purely practical level, rapid access to spare parts is always a problem - transport is expensive and by sea freight, time between order and delivery can exceed three months. These two factors have led to a need to find rapid repair alternatives which will keep industry operating when breakdowns occur - and thermal spray offers that alternative..


In the late 1950's, Davy Metal Industries Flame Sprayed the Auckland Harbour Bridge with 100 tonnes of zinc wire. Now, fifty years later, the bridge is still in perfect condition.


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