These videos have all been produced by Metallisation Ltd in the UK. You can view more on the Metallisation website.

APPLICATION: Forth Road Bridge.
The Forth Road Bridge (not to be confused with the Rail Bridge) was coated by Metallisation in the early 1960's with zinc metal spray. This video shows some extracts from a longer video unearthed from the Metallisation archives.

A coating survey undertaken over the last couple of years showed very good levels of corrosion protection still in place, some 45 years + after the opening of the bridge in 1964. CLICK HERE to read more about the history of this project.


GENERAL: HVOF Control Console.
This video shows the Metallisation pistol control console for HVOF pistols. The control console has a common principle and simple control interface, whether controlling a Metallisation METJET 4L lliquid fuel pistol or liquid/gas fuelled pistols from other companies. CLICK HERE to see more detail of the METJET 4L HVOF System.


GENERAL: Arc Spraying.
General video showing the Arc Spray process. System generally shown is the ARC140 System used for anti-corrosion and engineering coatings. The video also includes a brief summary of the full Arc Spray range, typical applications and the benefits of Arc Spraying.


APPLICATION: Flame Spray TSA on Footbridge.
Metallisation Mk73 Flame Spray systems are used to spray aluminium (TSA) as a corrosion protection coating to a footbridge for a railway crossing.


APPLICATION: Flame Spray Car Body Panel Repairs.
VW Vanshack Ltd are using a Metallisation Mk73 Flame Spray system for car body panel repairs. This video shows panel corrosion repair with zinc, but they also use the system for filling, corrosion protection and as a replacement for lead loading for seam sealing.


APPLICATION: Automatic Pipe Spraying.
For large volumes of pipe spraying (or other products), automating the process can have significant benefits. This video shows a system installed at Gemini Corrosion Service Ltd for applying TSA to oil industry pipes and risers.


APPLICATION: Oil Platform Flame Spray.
This video shows a customer that used 5 MK73 flame spray systems to spray a support jacket for an unmanned offshore oil platform that is destined for the North Sea. All systems were supplied with 30m supplies packs which gave them the extra flexibility to move around the large structure without moving gas supplies. They could therefore use a bulk gas supply which saved on costs and time due to no bottle changeovers. The customer also commented on the throughput and reliability of the systems which helped them exceed their customer’s timescale expectations.



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