Since this website went online in May 1998, we have had a steady stream of requests for information and advice from around the world. In a number of cases, these contacts resulted in contracts to perform spraying applications in countries outside of New Zealand. In response to this obvious demand we established MSS Worldwide, offering a unique combination of skills and experience together with a formidable equipment base.

MSS Worldwide combines our own extensive knowledge of Metal Spraying applications (gathered over the last twenty five years) with the analytical expertise of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland and the practical experience and equipment base of some of New Zealand's leading specialised Metal Spraying companies.

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering offers expertise and access to advanced analytical equipment for quality assessment and the development and optimisation of metal spray coatings.

Powder Characterisation
Particle size, shape, composition and flowability

Coating Characterisation
Optical microscopy (microstructural observation)
Bond Strength
Corrosion performance

Analytical Equipment
Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscopy/ Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis
X-ray Diffraction
LECO M-400 Hardness Tester
INSTRON Testing Machine

The combined equipment base of the companies which constitute MSS Worldwide is very extensive and sufficient to meet virtually any challenge.

Equipment Types of Coatings No of Units
Arc Spray 300   1
Metco 5P Powder Gun All Metal Powders & Ceramics 4
Metco 10E Wire Gun Hard & Soft Wires Babbitt 1
PG 550 Hopper Feed All Metal Powders, glass & nylon 1
Metco 9MB 80kW Hand-held Plasma Gun All Metal & Ceramics 1
Metco 9MB 80kW Machine Mounted Plasma Gun All Metal & Ceramics 2
Browning Aerospray HVAF Spray System   1
Metco 3MB 40kW Plasma System All Metal & Ceramics 3
Metco 12E Wire System   1
Metco 4RG Wire System   1
Metco 10E Flame Spray Unit   7
Metco Electronic Controlled 3K Wire Gun   2
Metco 4E High Speed Wire Gun   2
Metco 5N Powder Gun   1
Metco 6P Thermo Spray Gun Nylon, plastic & glass 3
Metallisation Arcspray 350   1
HVOF Jet Kote Cu, Zn, NiCr, Al, TuC, S/S 1
Metallisation Arcspray 300 c/w 234 Gun Engineering wires:
NiCr, Stellites, Armacore, Cr steels, ferrous/ non-ferrous mixes
Metallisation Arcspray 250 c/w 140 Gun Corrosion wires:
Al, Cu, Zn, Al-Zn, Brass, Bronze

We invite you to contact us at any time to find out how MSS Worldwide can be of benefit to you.


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