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Thermal metal spray: successes, failures and lessons learned.

This paper is provided with permission from The Australasian Corrosion Association Inc and was originally published in the Corrosion & Prevention 2012, Melbourne, Australia, conference proceedings.

Thermal sprayed metal coatings to protect steel pilings.

Thermally sprayed metal coatings (TSMCs) are available as alloys of base metals such as aluminum and zinc. TSMCs can offer substantial advantages when compared with other types of coatings commonly used to protect steel pilings primarily because of their resistance to corrosion and damage.

Principles of thermal spray: Engineering coatings

This guide has been produced to educate anyone involved in the day to day use or production of Thermal Sprayed Coatings. It is intended to give advice on best practice and ensure that coatings produced are of the highest standards achievable.