Anti Corrosion Wire

MSS stock the largest range and volumes of arc spray and flame spray wire for corrosion protection in diameters 1.6mm, 2.3mm, 3.17mm & 4.76mm in both MIG spools and bulk drums. We hold stock in our Grey Lynn office and we also have Zinc wire in bulk drums available from Auckland and Christchurch distribution warehouses for fast deliveries to our customers.

Zinc Wire

Aluminium Wire

85/15 (85% Zinc, 15% Aluminium) Wire


Most commonly used, Zinc provides galvanic protection sacrificing itself in preference to the steel. Corrosion protection coatings of zinc are normally put into service without any finishing, however sealers and paint systems can be applied to suit particular environmental conditions or if aethetics require. Traditionally used for long term corrosion protection of iron and steelwork, zinc is now also used extensively in mould making, electro-magnetic screening and for the end spraying of capacitors.

15kg MIG spools, 125KG Mini Drums, 250KG Bulk Drums.

Zinc -  Weight of wire required 1.2kg/m2/100um

aluminium wire

Aluminum acts as a passive barrier and is used to provide protective coatings against atmospheric, chemical and high temperature corrosion. Aluminium is also used to produce electrically and thermally conductive coatings and to reclaim mis-machined aluminium surfaces. Corrosion protection coatings of aluminium are normally put into service without any finishing, however sealers can be applied to suit particular environmental conditions. In other applications a variety of finishes can be achieved by machining with either steel or carbide tools, sanding, polishing or burnishing.

6KG MIG spools, 60KG Bulk Drums.

Aluminium - Weight of wire required 0.35kg/m2/100um

85/15 alloy

85/15 (85% Zinc, 15% Aluminium) incorporates the best characteristics of both zinc and aluminium and is becoming widely used offering twice the protection of pure zinc. In corrosion protection of iron and steel, the combination of zinc and aluminium provides excellent cathodic protection in most environments. In mould manufacture this material being harder than pure zinc gives better service life and improved thermal conductivity at the expense of some profile definition. Can also be used for EMI Screening and End Spraying of Capacitors.

15KG MIG spools, 200KG Bulk Drums.

85/15 Alloy - Weight of wire required 1.0kg/m2/100um


By the pallet load, truck load or container load, MSS can arrange National and International deliveries of metal spray wire to suit your production or project requirements.

This image shows a delivery of 12,000kg of Zinc Wire for one of our customers.