In 1983, Director Jacques de Reuck began importing and selling metal spray products in New Zealand. Initially working from home, Jacques soon discovered he had a natural flair for business and this combined with his enthusiasm for metal spray technology and easy-going charisma quickly developed a loyal customer base. Jacques’ philosophy has always been to maintain an active interest in the specific applications his customers are dealing with and now after 32 years his experience and knowledge are extensive and much sort after.  Today MSS is the leading New Zealand company totally specialising in the thermal spray industry. Our knowledge extents to a global community of some of the worlds most experienced organizations such as the Australasian Corrosion Association, ASM International, the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland, and the Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA). Jacques and staff regularly attend national and international conferences on metal spraying or corrosion protection. We have consulted on, provided coating specifications and supplied the equipment and materials for some of New Zealand's largest infrastructure and high profile engineering projects. 
MSS enjoys a strong working relationship with Metallisation in the UK, a name synonymous with surface coatings since 1922. Metallisation has grown to globally offer a full range of metal spraying equipment and consumables.

Metal Spray Suppliers NZ Ltd are totally dedicated to the continuing performance and promotion of the Thermal Spray industry.


"Dealing with Jacques has always been a unique experience. He's never been one to sell a bunch of equipment and then leave us to it. We know we can always draw on his knowledge and if we present him with something he hasn't had experience with, he's always prepared to go the extra mile and find answers to our questions."
Dave, past Triple R Engineering Ltd

"I think we've been dealing with MSS pretty much since it began and I've always had great respect for Jacques honesty and enthusiasm. He'd never sell us a piece of equipment which wasn't the right thing for the job and I'm quite happy to admit that there have been a number of occasions when we've leant quite heavily on him for advice." 
Bruce at Holster Engineering Ltd