Thermal spray coating applications are a vast topic, a few of the more unusual but interesting are found here.

Shiva, Delhi

This concrete statue coated with copper to make it appear as if the structure was metal. Many sculptures have been coated in this way as the aging of the coating gives it a certain patina.

Automotive & Transport

The thermal spray process provides corrosion protection for heavy transport, construction equipment, industrial machinery and plant. The NZDF used thermal spray to protect their Unimog trucks.

Architectural & Decorative

Metal spray coatings for decorative, artistic or architectural applications can be substantially more cost effective compared to solid metal constructions and work well on many surfaces including metal, wood, plaster, concrete, fibreglass, hardboard, plastic, polystyrene or even thick card. Bronze, copper and brass are often used and can be left as sprayed, sanded and polished, waxed or sealed.