Non Slip Coating

Loading ramps, decks, stairs, manhole covers, truck beds, bridge expansion joints, vessel decks. Untreated these steel surfaces can become very slippery, especially in wet conditions, and are also prone to corrosion. To ensure safe walking and industrial operating conditions, vital to personal safety and productivity, 28E ARCTEC coating provides a durable non slip anti corrosion coating. Traditionally, steel structures are hot dip galvanised, or painted, to protect against corrosion. The disadvantage of hot dip galvanising is that the surface can become slippery and it does not easily accept paint without the need for special primers. Many large steel structures have been routinely protected against corrosion by thermal sprayed aluminium (TSA), zinc or an alloy of the two. While providing unrivalled corrosion protection in very aggressive corrosive environments, pure TSA is not durable enough to prevent long term wear. Ideally, steel structures need a durable coating that protects against both slip and corrosion and that’s exactly what the Metallisation 28E ARCTEC coating does. The coating is a thermal arc sprayed coating that can be applied with a rough texture and has excellent non slip properties, while being extremely hard and resistant to wear.

The coating provides a suitable level of grip, to avoid personal slips or industrial skidding and comparable corrosion protection to aluminium, as used in aggressive environments.

Application is easy by a long-standing process, covered by international standards and the surface result is an acceptable slip protection as defined by the U.K Highways Agency standard HA104. The resultant coating is corrosion resistant and because of its durability, site owners can be confident that once applied, they can forget rust or slipping for many years.