Engineering Wire

Thermal spray technology in engineering applications improves or restores the surface of a solid material, often called metal repair or metal reclamation. The process can be used to apply coatings to a wide range of materials and components to provide resistance to: wear, erosion, cavitation, corrosion, abrasion or heat. The benefits of thermal spraying for metal repair and reclamation are many and varied.  The major driving factor is one of cost, with many individual parts costing thousands of dollars, the ability to repair areas offers considerable savings. Also, coatings of materials that have different properties than the base material can be used to provide localised increases in thermal conductivity or wear protection.

MSS stock a wide range of thermal spray & welding wire for engineering applications. 

Ferrous Materials
87E NiCrMo Steel
30E Low Carbon Steel
57E FM Chrome
45E High Carbon Steel
65E Chrome Manganese Steel
60E Chrome Steel
55E 18/5 Stainless Steel
80E 18/8 Stainless Steel
79E Ichrome (One Step Arc Wire)
78E Boiler Alloy
83E One Step Arc Wire
84E 316 Stainless Steel Wire
81E 312 Stainless Steel Wire
31E Low Carbon Steel 

Non-Ferrous Materials
01E Aluminium (Al)
02E Zinc (Zn)
05E Copper (Cu)
99E Molybdenum (Mo)
06E Nickel (Ni)
04E Babbit
26E Aluminium Alumina Composite

Stellite 1, 6, 12, 21

Inconel 625

Non-Ferrous Alloys
13E Brass (70/30)
09E Tin Zinc (SnZn) - 60% Sn
07E Tin Zinc (SnZn) - 70% Sn
08E Tin Zinc (SnZn) - 80% Sn
17E Aluminium Silicon
10E Aluminium Bronze
15E Phosphor Bronze
71E Monel - 65% Ni
70E Monel - 30% Ni
85E Nickel Chromium - 80% Ni
75E Nickel Aluminium
21E Zinc Aluminium Alloy
24E Moulding Alloy HD
25E Aluminium Magnesium
T405/1 Bondrite Flamespray Bonding Material
86E Nickel Chromium Aluminium

Arc Cored Wires:

100T Nickel, Chrome, Boron
101T Nickel, Aluminium, Molybdenum
103T Iron Chrome Boron Alloy
104T High Carbon Steel
105T Stainless Composite
120T Silicon Bronze