Thermal spray powder

Metal Powders for Flame Spray, HVAF, HVOF and Plasma:


Thermal Spray Coatings of tungsten carbide are used for their hardness and wear resistance. When choosing a Tungsten Carbide Powder, the particle size and type of carbide selected are important in determining the correct material to combat various forms of erosion, abrasion and wear. Whereas the amount of metal matrix in the coating (nickel, cobalt, or alloy) will depend on the toughness and abrasion resistance required.


Chrome carbide coatings are used for wear resistance in combination with a higher temperature capability than is possible with tungsten carbide powders. Although generally less wear resistant than tungsten carbides, chrome carbide is excellent at higher temperatures and under corrosion and oxidation conditions. These properties are enhanced when the metal alloy matrix is made from the highly corrosion resistant Nichrome alloy. Appropriate for applications 1000-1500oF, coatings of chrome carbide nickel chrome are recommended for resistance wear by abrasion, hard surfaces, fretting, and particle erosion.


MCrAlY coatings are the key to the performance and reliability of highly stressed turbine parts. The M in MCrAlY stands for the base metal (usually nickel, cobalt or a combination of the two), which is alloyed with chromium, aluminum and yttrium. Cobalt and nickel are typically used as a base for the undercoating to make the metallic intermediate layer ductile. Aluminum and chromium form a stable oxide layer that protects coatings from oxidation. Yttrium enhances the bonding of this oxide layer.


Molybdenum based thermal spray powders are characterized by their exceptional sliding properties and wear resistance. Due to its low friction coefficient, high sliding wear resistance and ductility, molybdenum (Mo) spray powders are often used to manufacture engine pistons in the automotive industry. Molybdenum based coatings reduce the friction wear caused by the up and down motion of the piston rings in the cylinder bore.


Pure Metals, Alloys and Others

Used in a wide variety of applications ranging from simple bonding layers for thermally sprayed oxide coatings to functional coatings that provide effective protection against corrosion – Contact us to discuss our Metal Powder range.